Meet the team

Nick Graham

Project Lead - Operations

Nick is the operations lead for the AYCH Platform focusing on the development of the delivery elements of the project. He has extensive experience of working across European projects spanning over 20 years. A business development and project management specialist, he has deep experience of innovating and delivering scalable, sustainable systems and culture change with an integrated philosophy and skills application across strategy, technology, learning, development and business change. He has worked across both public and private sector from major healthcare organisations to individual startups supporting and guiding them to achieve tangible results to be sustainable or remain competitive in their respective markets.

Roy Jones

Project Lead - Communications

Roy is the communications lead for AYCH Platform focusing on engagement of partners across the Liverpool City Region. He has been involved with the creative industries since 1971. Recent major projects he has been involved in include, coordinator of an incubator unit for arts graduates, business development for the creative industries at JMU, Design Initiative and Music Development Agency in Liverpool. He has also worked for the British Council on the development of the creative industries in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia and has been a coordinator for the Arts Council of England.

Rosie Renals-Wells

Project Coordinator

Rosie is the Project Coordinator for AYCH Platform and is primarily responsible for participant experience across the project ranging from event organisation to participant recruitment. Since graduating in Theatre and Performance Design from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2014, she has specialised in the design and coordination of events. Rosie’s most notable roles have been, Creative Coordinator for Fiesta Bombarda, Director of Design and Co-founder of You Topia Productions, and Head of Design for Events Live. She has experience with running workshops and teaching through her position as Art, Design and Technology Technician at Halewood Academy, and facilitating workshops for young people through schools, theatres and festivals.

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