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Poland Trip

A group of us from AYCH Platform were lucky enough to go to Lublin in Poland where we met up with Universities from all over the world to discuss the Erasmus+ programme. We met people from: Veitnam, Albania, Serbia, USA, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Honduras, Bosna & Herzegovina, China, Georgia and Paraguay.

On our first day we started off with a Polish crash course and learnt a few phrases before the presentations began. We then presented our work and what we do here at AYCH Platform to support people in entrepeneurship. The presentations showed how many beautiful places there are in the world still yet to visit.

You can see Roy and Waf presenting below.

The next day we got to explore the beautiful city of Lublin on a guided tour with the rest of the group – so many wonky buildings and churches.

Then we dipped into an Irish pub to get some grub and relax where everyone later joined and exchanged stories and spoke about all the different languages and phrases we use. It was a great way to have a good chat to all these people and what better place than an Irish pub.

The next day we had a free day to explore the city and decided to go a bit further out to Muzeum Wsi Lubelskiej which is an open-air museum which depicts historical village life on lush grounds with plants & farm animals – which we were lucky enough to meet!

Our last day was spent at the concerntration camp which was a very emotional experience but grounded us all and put life into perspective. We perked oursleves up by going to the local shopping centre VIVO! and getting some last minute Christmas and secret santa presents.

To finish the amazing week we headed to a traditional Polish restaurant where it was pierogi galore – YUM! All in all the trip to Lublin was an incredible experience and was great to meet so many inspiring people.

NEWS: Cafe in Digital House

Chapters Of Us have arrived!

We are so glad to welcome Chapters Of Us into Digital House. We look forward to collaborating with them on future events and activities happening in the building and I know we will be making good use of all they offer. We were lucky enough to sample some of the food and beer the other week and we fully recommend!

Chapters Of Us is the sister of Siren cafe based in the The Women’s Organisation just up the road and both sites are run by Jenny and Natalie. Last week Natalie gave us an insite of what to expect from the cafe and were all so excited. By day they serve locally roasted coffee, breakfast, lunch and all with vegeterian/vegan and gluten free options. Soon, by night enjoy a craft beers, aperitifs and wine – with an amazing selection small plates.

Lucy, Katy and Anna (left to right) will be the faces of Chapters For Us and will certainly look after you if you come down and visit – and look at those tasty bites below!


Liverpool Soup

03/10 – Liverpool Soup

Liverpool Soup aims to bring local people together and help grow and support grassroots in Liverpool. There is a suggested donation of £10 which goes towards: a vote for the pitch you would like to fund and a portion of soup and bread. The pitch which recieves the most votes recieves the funding created by the donations.

The atmosphere at October’s Liverpool Soup was full of joy and support and felt like a totally safe environment for those pitching. It was great to go and see what other projects are going on around Liverpool and who needs the support to see their projects through. This months winner were HumaniseMe who run film nights at METAL. The funding went towards supporting peoples transport to attend the film nights and providing homemade food at the events.

Go and check out their upcoming film nights here.

Awesome Liverpool

18/10 – AYCH Platform’s first Awesome Morning

Awesome Liverpool is for anyone in the Merseyside who has an idea that solves a problem, has a budget, and brings joy to the people of Liverpool. The trustees of Awesome Liverpool put in £50 each month to make up £500 to fund an idea or project that they would like to support.

The aim of Awesome Mornings is to bring together people to chat about their pitch idea and how they can develop that before applying for the £500 fund. This was co-hosted with our project leads Roy and Nick alongside Andrew Beattie from Awesome Liverpool.

We were joined by One September and Debbie Ryan. One September is the work that Deborah Wintle-Escott and Aleasha Chaunté do together and the project they were discussing was HumaniseMe (the project that bagged them the £650 fund at Liverpool Soup). Debbie Ryan specialises in mosaics and arts management through collaboration and community engagement, often within educational or healthcare contexts.

The People’s Powerhouse – Liverpool

25/10 – Nick at The People’s Powerhouse with Inclusive Economy Liverpool

Inclusive Economy Liverpool joined forces with The People’s Powerhouse for this event. Inclusive Economy Liverpool work to make sure people make the most of their abilities, that they are empowered to run small businesses, join together to run a community facility, work from the grassroots up to build a more inclusive community in the areas where they live. The People’s Powerhouse is a movement which shapes the debate around the Northern Powerhouse, to ensure that people and communities are at the heart of the Powerhouse plans.

Nick spoke as AYCH Platform’s operations lead and spoke as a project managment specialist, working across both the private and public sector. Nick was alongside many other speakers for this event that all came together to discuss and share ideas about the importance of genuine diversity and inclusivity, respect for identity, meaningful change in the North and collaborations between organisations and the people in their decision making.

Valencia and UN Visit!


Nick and Roy from AYCH Platform and Pablo from Vida Lactea Galicia, in Spain, met at this event to present the AYCH project to the Europa Interact Programme. The ‘Culture and creativity’ event allowed people to promote their projects and programs in cultural and creative industries within Interreg. The conference connected and created platforms for Interreg projects.

Nick and Roy Q&A

Q: What did you take away from your trip to Valencia?

R: The concerns for post- Brexit for both the UK and our EU colleagues. The current reluctance to have UK partners in European project because the future is so uncertain.

N: The city is a great place to visit, like a smaller more compact Barcelona. The conference was useful to help raise The AYCH project profile and in particular Pacifistreams profile as a partner in major European Project like AYCH, which is the biggest funded project across the EU Atlantic Area Region.

Q: Who did you connect with?

R: Had successful meetings with our Irish colleagues and representatives of the European Commission.

N: We connected with the hosts of the conference who were called Interact to help them better understand the role of a small business in major EU projects and the benefits and challenges we face. We also met an Scottish and Irish connection who Afe doing some really good work across the Northern part of Scotland and mid Ireland who we may be able to work with in the future.

Q: How was the Spanish weather? Better than here in Liverpool?

R: Beautiful weather but holding the conference in the old university buildings although beautiful did not have adequate air conditioning

N: Yes! The weather was warm and mostly sunny it was 27C and still easy to sit outside till late evening with a nice glass of beer or Rioja just in jeans and shirts

Q: Was the food good?

R: Great food. I had a squid fest!

N: Food was very good and a really good value unless your Roy who just eats and eats. We didn’t have much time to try local delicacies but what we had was good quality and very tasty.

Q: Who was the most memorable person from your trip? and who are they?

R: It was the dean from the university of Valencia who spoke of the importance of the EU

N: Our partner from Spain who was with Pablo, who we found out is from Spain but hates the sun and the warmth and much prefers a British Climate as he is from Northern Spain, I know its mad.

UN Action Partners visit AYCH!

We were honoured to be in the presence of Carol Anne Whitehead (Co-Founder of The Zebra Partnership) and Andrea Zapachova (Interning at The Zebra Partnership). The Zebra Partnership is a boutique agency bringing together freelancers in the fields of project and event management, communications, editorial and publishing across all sectors working on a project by project basis. Carol is also the Director of External Relations for The People’s Hub. The People’s Hub provide a consultancy service in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media intelligence, campaign and event management to enable us to have the resources to work and collaborate alongside the sustainable development goals of the UN to change how people can help others with full transparency and visibility. Susan Dolan also came to visit as part of The People’s Hub and is a Google expert. Susan is the first person outside of Google to crack the PageRank algorithm as confirmed by Eric Schmidt’s office in 2014. Susan and her team help businesses and organizations get to the top of Google through search engine optimization and social media campaigns. Alex Lennon from DoES Liverpool also came to visit who hosted the repair cafe so make sure to listen out for more workshops in future.

We LOVE hosting here at AYCH Platform!

New Friendly Faces

Hi There!

I’m Bernadette one of the new interns at AYCH and I’ll introduce you to some new people I have met here on the project (AYCH) and the co-working space (Platform). I was introduced to the project and the space by Nick (Project lead – Operations), Roy (Project Lead – Communications) and Rosie (Project Coordinator) who all made me feel welcomed and like I would be a valid part of the team.

Jared and I are the new interns here and after just a few days we have taught each other so much about how these spaces function. Collaborating with other creatives is a key aspect to AYCH Platform and creates that little bustle of chatter which is often heard from these creative social spaces.

Also new to the team is Waf and Ryan. Waf is the Community development manager of AYCH and is super enthusiastic about the project and what it can offer to different communities around Liverpool. Ryan is the Business development manager and knows his stuff about businesses and social enterprises in Liverpool and beyond.

Visit their website by clicking here

We also have new tenants in Platform…

apt.creative is a Liverpool based graphic design agency, their work includes branding, campaigns, illustration, copywriting, print, consultation and all things to make your company visually outstanding. apt. creative is run by Rachael and Sarah who are super talented and chose Platform as ‘an opportunity to work more collaboratively.’ Clients include The BBC, Dentsu, Tatton Park and the NHS.

Waf, Rosie, Nick, Andrew, Ryan and myself have started to put together a calendar of events and activities that will be happening in the space from now until December, collaborating with people across Liverpool. Platform is starting to get a real buzz about it as more and more passionate people come in and chat to us about their ideas and what they can input. It is a really exciting time for AYCH Platform and I share the excitement of the project and what this space can become and provide. 

AYCH Platform gives me hope for creatives in the future who are really serious about their ideas and what effect it could have on those that interact with it. This is when I realised how tight nit Liverpool as a city really is, and now I know why I wanted to stay here. It feels like a home from home where the community really does want to support you for as long as it possibly can. That includes all the people that have been interacting with this space and their desire to connect you to like minded people around the city. 

As we are based in the Baltic we have made strong connections with the businesses, organisations and creatives in this area. The Baltic is a super creative area full of passionate people who are ready to share but we are always open to spread our network into other areas of the city. If you want to get involved and see whats on offer in the Baltic keep an eye out for walking tours around the area that will be hosted by the LJMU Enterprise team.

Keep thinking creatively,


Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs – AYCH

Creative Ideas – Reflections

In the first half of 2019 we held a series of events to bring together a series of experts and business leaders to look at new ideas for cities, how we learn and work, wellbeing and the environment. 
These events were designed to spark a discussion around how new ideas and new thinking lead by young people can and will shape local and international challenges in these areas. 

Here’s some things we learned at those events and some questions that they posed.

Future Work

The age of a job for life is over and many young people are likely to have portfolio careers, learning and using more than one skill with more than one profession over their lifetime – many professions even. The future is about skills rather than careers.
But how will we match people’s inherent skills to professional opportunities and help them try out new professions? Is there a platform or online service that could enable this? Does it already exist? 
Do we need a new way of offering support in light of the changing nature of work? Is the education sector the best place to offer this or should industry provide services and support for this? We need non-traditional advice for non-traditional working lives! 

Is there a way for us to share the self taught skills that we pick up along the way? 

What about a Bread and Butter App. One of the difficulties with beginning freelancing is finding those ‘bread and butter’ jobs the consistent work that although it might not end up in your portfolio will pay you the consistent £50 per week or even £1K per month whilst you chase your dream clients. What types of things can pay you a living whilst I chase the dream? How are we going to earn whilst we develop our business model?


Cities are growing and evolving to meet the ever increasing demands placed upon them – the biggest demand of all being, increased numbers of people living and not just working in cities. 
But how do we engage people in shaping the city. How do we raise awareness that you can have the kind of city that you want to live in? 

What are the opportunities for people to join in? 

How can we ensure that everybody is aware of how to best move around a place, to integrate all of the transport solutions together so that people can move around efficiently but also have safe streets to walk on and green spaces to gather in. Can we pool our collective knowledge of the best roads to cycle, to stroll and to drive so that we know how best to do this while being conscious of each others’ needs? 


We use too much and replenish too little of the world’s natural resources. The way we live and the things we do are warming the planet far beyond safe levels. A climate emergency is upon us. 

And every individual and industry contributes. 

What can we do to raise awareness around these issues? To change the way we live, work and consume? Can we trade more of the things we no longer need for new things that we do with our fellow citizens? Can we grow more of our food here close to where we consume it? Can sharing things with one another, from food to fashion mean a slow down in the rate of our environmental impact. 
And, how can we finally stop people buying plastic bottles when the better alternatives already exist? 


Over the coming months we’ll be hosting a number of creative workshops to explore some of these themes in greater detail. In addition to this our new open access studio space has opened in the Baltic Triangle and we’ve begun working with new tenants who have big ideas. 

Our workshops will be a space to solve problems in new and creative ways. We’ll help you to develop ideas and ask:

  • What examples are there of actions already being taken to resolve the issue?
  • What can we do as individuals and communities? What would you do?
  • What realistic idea or approach is there, to solving your issue?
  • What ‘thinking outside the box’ idea or approach is there, for solving your issue?
  • Now, how can you implement this idea globally?

Our support programme enables us to work with people to help shape their ideas. We are connected to a network of European partners through the AYCH programme to share knowledge and ideas across a wide network – a fantastic opportunity and audience for people with ideas for new things that they would like to test, or find collaborators for. 

There are a number of ways to get involved with AYCH Platform, from attending a creative workshop, helping mentor those that come through our programme or signposting anyone you know that has a great idea and needs support. 

Contact us…

Join us at AYCH Platform

2 minute read…

We are looking for interns to join our team! We want people with a fresh and innovative approach to working, who can be vaulable members of our team and help shape and deliver the AYCH project.

The AYCH Platform Team, from left to right, Nick, Roy and Rosie.

A little about AYCH Platform…
AYCH Platform is the harmony of two elements – the AYCH Project, and Platform, an Ideas Hub. AYCH (Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs) is about showing young people in the creative and digital industries, how to play with ideas, and develop them into a reality.  Platform is an ideas hub and flexible co-working space with support which will be the base for participants on the project, as well as anyone else wishing to shape an idea in a creative hub with like minded people and experienced professionals. 

We’re looking for people who have experience in, and can help with… 

  • social media
  • marketing
  • copywriting
  • promotion

This opportunity is PERFECT for you if:

  • you would like help with developing yourself or an idea (i.e for a business, service, or product), in which case we can offer support in
    • idea development
    • career advice
    • business development
    • networking opportunities 
  • you want to gain some experience in a sought after field of work
  • enjoy, and realise the benefits, of working collaboratively
  • want to be based in the Baltic Creative – the heart of the creative and digital industries
  • would like the opportunity to travel across Europe
  • enjoy working in a stimulating and creative environment
  • care about sustainability, and social change locally and globally

We are looking for someone to take on either a part or full time role, starting anytime from the beginning of August onwards, for a minimum of two weeks. We can flexibly work around you, for example you can either do a solid 2 weeks internship, or 2 days a week for 2 months.   

If you’re interested, either get in touch via the Contact Us page, or email me directly at

Keep thinking creatively, 


AYCH Platform space opening on Norfolk Street

In 2018, we launched AYCH Platform. The UK wide-project is part of a collaborative pan-European project – Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) – designed to support entrepreneurship across the broader creative industries and inspire businesses to think more creatively. Based in our home city of Liverpool, we will support the western-half of the UK, as part AYCH, through Platform.

Platform is both a physical workspace, a network and a call for new entrepreneurial ideas to meet a series of challenges. We’re focusing on ideas around sustainability, the environmental and social responsibility, inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We want you to bring your ideas to Platform to develop on our programme, to share your business stories, to help support and mentor a new generation of entrepreneurs and creators.

Platform is facilitated by Pacificstream, and part of AYCH. For more than 19 years, we’ve worked with ‘creative’ entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey – from pre-start up to scale up. We’ve supported more than 800 new businesses and ideas; and worked nationally and internationally to support entrepreneurs. We also operate Basecamp, a co-working space and business incubator in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, which has over 30 active members .

In the first half of 2019, we will open our new co-working space in the Baltic Triangle; host four ‘creative jams’, a series of workshops and informal gatherings and build our online network. We’re growing a network of 800 individuals and organisations to come together to share ideas, launch new things and collaborate to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our cities, and the world at large.

Our space will provide a platform for people to gather and connect, to come to work and to share ideas. It will be the home of our creative jams, workshops and events and – along with our online network – will be a place to spark discussion, create ideas, case studies and best practice and to share opportunities.

Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Our mission is to empower individuals to bring their ideas to the surface and imagine big things; foster collaborations and help people start a path towards entrepreneurship, secure clients or employment. We do this through support to develop your ideas, with a network of mentors and industry champions. And we do this by building a network of networks – not in competition with what already exists – to link people from all sectors to create a diverse network of citizens.

Our programme themes are based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on the broader themes of health and wellbeing, cities, environment and education and future work. These themes will be discussed at workshops, in our workspace and online by the broader community, and refined into challenges which will form the basis of our creative jams.

The SDGs are universal; relevant to hyper-local communities and internationally, they represent the challenges faced by all of humanity today.

Our co-working space opens in April 2019, sign-up here to be notified of details of our opening events.

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) Launches

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) is a project built for integrating best practice and knowledge, supporting young talent and their education, entrepreneurship and employability through the development of creative and technological skills.

  • Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs implements a strong system of transnational cooperation which allows:
  • The cross-fertilisation of expertise through networks of both prescribers and experts allowing experience of entrepreneurship through an innovative and more accessible offer for young people.
  • Openness to the world for participants of the project, through face to face and virtual exchanges with young people from other countries who have a different approach to entrepreneurship – Anglo-Saxon countries in particular – and for a part of them, participation in events abroad)
  • The collaboration between experts who previously did not traditionally interact with each other (Universities, Fablabs, Local Support Agencies, Start-ups, Creative Industries Companies)
  • The collaboration of young people from different educational backgrounds who otherwise might not meet each other)
  • “start-up” methods open to audiences not used to being exposed to their practice (brainstorming / creativity, project planning, business modelling, communication and “pitch” techniques to name but a few)

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