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Join us at AYCH Platform

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We are looking for interns to join our team! We want people with a fresh and innovative approach to working, who can be vaulable members of our team and help shape and deliver the AYCH project.

The AYCH Platform Team, from left to right, Nick, Roy and Rosie.

A little about AYCH Platform…
AYCH Platform is the harmony of two elements – the AYCH Project, and Platform, an Ideas Hub. AYCH (Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs) is about showing young people in the creative and digital industries, how to play with ideas, and develop them into a reality.  Platform is an ideas hub and flexible co-working space with support which will be the base for participants on the project, as well as anyone else wishing to shape an idea in a creative hub with like minded people and experienced professionals. 

We’re looking for people who have experience in, and can help with… 

  • social media
  • marketing
  • copywriting
  • promotion

This opportunity is PERFECT for you if:

  • you would like help with developing yourself or an idea (i.e for a business, service, or product), in which case we can offer support in
    • idea development
    • career advice
    • business development
    • networking opportunities 
  • you want to gain some experience in a sought after field of work
  • enjoy, and realise the benefits, of working collaboratively
  • want to be based in the Baltic Creative – the heart of the creative and digital industries
  • would like the opportunity to travel across Europe
  • enjoy working in a stimulating and creative environment
  • care about sustainability, and social change locally and globally

We are looking for someone to take on either a part or full time role, starting anytime from the beginning of August onwards, for a minimum of two weeks. We can flexibly work around you, for example you can either do a solid 2 weeks internship, or 2 days a week for 2 months.   

If you’re interested, either get in touch via the Contact Us page, or email me directly at

Keep thinking creatively, 


Engagement Workshops

Starting in April we’re hosting a series of events around the core themes from the AYCH Platform – Education, Future of Work, Health and Wellbeing, Environment and Cities.

For these events, we’re inviting people from across the Liverpool City Region together for an evening of discussion around the themes as well as to hear from people doing remarkable work within them. We’ll discuss where the opportunities are for new ideas and businesses, and the networks that people launching new ideas can tap into it.

The evenings will be inspiring, full of positive discussion and big ideas. They are free to attend.

We’d love to see you there.

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) Launches

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) is a project built for integrating best practice and knowledge, supporting young talent and their education, entrepreneurship and employability through the development of creative and technological skills.

  • Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs implements a strong system of transnational cooperation which allows:
  • The cross-fertilisation of expertise through networks of both prescribers and experts allowing experience of entrepreneurship through an innovative and more accessible offer for young people.
  • Openness to the world for participants of the project, through face to face and virtual exchanges with young people from other countries who have a different approach to entrepreneurship – Anglo-Saxon countries in particular – and for a part of them, participation in events abroad)
  • The collaboration between experts who previously did not traditionally interact with each other (Universities, Fablabs, Local Support Agencies, Start-ups, Creative Industries Companies)
  • The collaboration of young people from different educational backgrounds who otherwise might not meet each other)
  • “start-up” methods open to audiences not used to being exposed to their practice (brainstorming / creativity, project planning, business modelling, communication and “pitch” techniques to name but a few)

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