Author: Andrew Beattie

Creative Ideas – Reflections

In the first half of 2019 we held a series of events to bring together a series of experts and business leaders to look at new ideas for cities, how we learn and work, wellbeing and the environment. 
These events were designed to spark a discussion around how new ideas and new thinking lead by young people can and will shape local and international challenges in these areas. 

Here’s some things we learned at those events and some questions that they posed.

Future Work

The age of a job for life is over and many young people are likely to have portfolio careers, learning and using more than one skill with more than one profession over their lifetime – many professions even. The future is about skills rather than careers.
But how will we match people’s inherent skills to professional opportunities and help them try out new professions? Is there a platform or online service that could enable this? Does it already exist? 
Do we need a new way of offering support in light of the changing nature of work? Is the education sector the best place to offer this or should industry provide services and support for this? We need non-traditional advice for non-traditional working lives! 

Is there a way for us to share the self taught skills that we pick up along the way? 

What about a Bread and Butter App. One of the difficulties with beginning freelancing is finding those ‘bread and butter’ jobs the consistent work that although it might not end up in your portfolio will pay you the consistent £50 per week or even £1K per month whilst you chase your dream clients. What types of things can pay you a living whilst I chase the dream? How are we going to earn whilst we develop our business model?


Cities are growing and evolving to meet the ever increasing demands placed upon them – the biggest demand of all being, increased numbers of people living and not just working in cities. 
But how do we engage people in shaping the city. How do we raise awareness that you can have the kind of city that you want to live in? 

What are the opportunities for people to join in? 

How can we ensure that everybody is aware of how to best move around a place, to integrate all of the transport solutions together so that people can move around efficiently but also have safe streets to walk on and green spaces to gather in. Can we pool our collective knowledge of the best roads to cycle, to stroll and to drive so that we know how best to do this while being conscious of each others’ needs? 


We use too much and replenish too little of the world’s natural resources. The way we live and the things we do are warming the planet far beyond safe levels. A climate emergency is upon us. 

And every individual and industry contributes. 

What can we do to raise awareness around these issues? To change the way we live, work and consume? Can we trade more of the things we no longer need for new things that we do with our fellow citizens? Can we grow more of our food here close to where we consume it? Can sharing things with one another, from food to fashion mean a slow down in the rate of our environmental impact. 
And, how can we finally stop people buying plastic bottles when the better alternatives already exist? 


Over the coming months we’ll be hosting a number of creative workshops to explore some of these themes in greater detail. In addition to this our new open access studio space has opened in the Baltic Triangle and we’ve begun working with new tenants who have big ideas. 

Our workshops will be a space to solve problems in new and creative ways. We’ll help you to develop ideas and ask:

  • What examples are there of actions already being taken to resolve the issue?
  • What can we do as individuals and communities? What would you do?
  • What realistic idea or approach is there, to solving your issue?
  • What ‘thinking outside the box’ idea or approach is there, for solving your issue?
  • Now, how can you implement this idea globally?

Our support programme enables us to work with people to help shape their ideas. We are connected to a network of European partners through the AYCH programme to share knowledge and ideas across a wide network – a fantastic opportunity and audience for people with ideas for new things that they would like to test, or find collaborators for. 

There are a number of ways to get involved with AYCH Platform, from attending a creative workshop, helping mentor those that come through our programme or signposting anyone you know that has a great idea and needs support. 

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