Poland Trip

A group of us from AYCH Platform were lucky enough to go to Lublin in Poland where we met up with Universities from all over the world to discuss the Erasmus+ programme. We met people from: Veitnam, Albania, Serbia, USA, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Honduras, Bosna & Herzegovina, China, Georgia and Paraguay.

On our first day we started off with a Polish crash course and learnt a few phrases before the presentations began. We then presented our work and what we do here at AYCH Platform to support people in entrepeneurship. The presentations showed how many beautiful places there are in the world still yet to visit.

You can see Roy and Waf presenting below.

The next day we got to explore the beautiful city of Lublin on a guided tour with the rest of the group – so many wonky buildings and churches.

Then we dipped into an Irish pub to get some grub and relax where everyone later joined and exchanged stories and spoke about all the different languages and phrases we use. It was a great way to have a good chat to all these people and what better place than an Irish pub.

The next day we had a free day to explore the city and decided to go a bit further out to Muzeum Wsi Lubelskiej which is an open-air museum which depicts historical village life on lush grounds with plants & farm animals – which we were lucky enough to meet!

Our last day was spent at the concerntration camp which was a very emotional experience but grounded us all and put life into perspective. We perked oursleves up by going to the local shopping centre VIVO! and getting some last minute Christmas and secret santa presents.

To finish the amazing week we headed to a traditional Polish restaurant where it was pierogi galore – YUM! All in all the trip to Lublin was an incredible experience and was great to meet so many inspiring people.

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