Liverpool Soup

03/10 – Liverpool Soup

Liverpool Soup aims to bring local people together and help grow and support grassroots in Liverpool. There is a suggested donation of £10 which goes towards: a vote for the pitch you would like to fund and a portion of soup and bread. The pitch which recieves the most votes recieves the funding created by the donations.

The atmosphere at October’s Liverpool Soup was full of joy and support and felt like a totally safe environment for those pitching. It was great to go and see what other projects are going on around Liverpool and who needs the support to see their projects through. This months winner were HumaniseMe who run film nights at METAL. The funding went towards supporting peoples transport to attend the film nights and providing homemade food at the events.

Go and check out their upcoming film nights here.

Awesome Liverpool

18/10 – AYCH Platform’s first Awesome Morning

Awesome Liverpool is for anyone in the Merseyside who has an idea that solves a problem, has a budget, and brings joy to the people of Liverpool. The trustees of Awesome Liverpool put in £50 each month to make up £500 to fund an idea or project that they would like to support.

The aim of Awesome Mornings is to bring together people to chat about their pitch idea and how they can develop that before applying for the £500 fund. This was co-hosted with our project leads Roy and Nick alongside Andrew Beattie from Awesome Liverpool.

We were joined by One September and Debbie Ryan. One September is the work that Deborah Wintle-Escott and Aleasha Chaunté do together and the project they were discussing was HumaniseMe (the project that bagged them the £650 fund at Liverpool Soup). Debbie Ryan specialises in mosaics and arts management through collaboration and community engagement, often within educational or healthcare contexts.

The People’s Powerhouse – Liverpool

25/10 – Nick at The People’s Powerhouse with Inclusive Economy Liverpool

Inclusive Economy Liverpool joined forces with The People’s Powerhouse for this event. Inclusive Economy Liverpool work to make sure people make the most of their abilities, that they are empowered to run small businesses, join together to run a community facility, work from the grassroots up to build a more inclusive community in the areas where they live. The People’s Powerhouse is a movement which shapes the debate around the Northern Powerhouse, to ensure that people and communities are at the heart of the Powerhouse plans.

Nick spoke as AYCH Platform’s operations lead and spoke as a project managment specialist, working across both the private and public sector. Nick was alongside many other speakers for this event that all came together to discuss and share ideas about the importance of genuine diversity and inclusivity, respect for identity, meaningful change in the North and collaborations between organisations and the people in their decision making.

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