Valencia and UN Visit!


Nick and Roy from AYCH Platform and Pablo from Vida Lactea Galicia, in Spain, met at this event to present the AYCH project to the Europa Interact Programme. The ‘Culture and creativity’ event allowed people to promote their projects and programs in cultural and creative industries within Interreg. The conference connected and created platforms for Interreg projects.

Nick and Roy Q&A

Q: What did you take away from your trip to Valencia?

R: The concerns for post- Brexit for both the UK and our EU colleagues. The current reluctance to have UK partners in European project because the future is so uncertain.

N: The city is a great place to visit, like a smaller more compact Barcelona. The conference was useful to help raise The AYCH project profile and in particular Pacifistreams profile as a partner in major European Project like AYCH, which is the biggest funded project across the EU Atlantic Area Region.

Q: Who did you connect with?

R: Had successful meetings with our Irish colleagues and representatives of the European Commission.

N: We connected with the hosts of the conference who were called Interact to help them better understand the role of a small business in major EU projects and the benefits and challenges we face. We also met an Scottish and Irish connection who Afe doing some really good work across the Northern part of Scotland and mid Ireland who we may be able to work with in the future.

Q: How was the Spanish weather? Better than here in Liverpool?

R: Beautiful weather but holding the conference in the old university buildings although beautiful did not have adequate air conditioning

N: Yes! The weather was warm and mostly sunny it was 27C and still easy to sit outside till late evening with a nice glass of beer or Rioja just in jeans and shirts

Q: Was the food good?

R: Great food. I had a squid fest!

N: Food was very good and a really good value unless your Roy who just eats and eats. We didn’t have much time to try local delicacies but what we had was good quality and very tasty.

Q: Who was the most memorable person from your trip? and who are they?

R: It was the dean from the university of Valencia who spoke of the importance of the EU

N: Our partner from Spain who was with Pablo, who we found out is from Spain but hates the sun and the warmth and much prefers a British Climate as he is from Northern Spain, I know its mad.

UN Action Partners visit AYCH!

We were honoured to be in the presence of Carol Anne Whitehead (Co-Founder of The Zebra Partnership) and Andrea Zapachova (Interning at The Zebra Partnership). The Zebra Partnership is a boutique agency bringing together freelancers in the fields of project and event management, communications, editorial and publishing across all sectors working on a project by project basis. Carol is also the Director of External Relations for The People’s Hub. The People’s Hub provide a consultancy service in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media intelligence, campaign and event management to enable us to have the resources to work and collaborate alongside the sustainable development goals of the UN to change how people can help others with full transparency and visibility. Susan Dolan also came to visit as part of The People’s Hub and is a Google expert. Susan is the first person outside of Google to crack the PageRank algorithm as confirmed by Eric Schmidt’s office in 2014. Susan and her team help businesses and organizations get to the top of Google through search engine optimization and social media campaigns. Alex Lennon from DoES Liverpool also came to visit who hosted the repair cafe so make sure to listen out for more workshops in future.

We LOVE hosting here at AYCH Platform!

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